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Skill Training offers a variety of sessions for various age groups & athletic levels. If you’re looking to improve your overall basketball game and take it to the next level, click right here. 

Rather your interested in working on a particular aspect of your game or would like to improve their overall athletic performance, there are many options to choose from.

Additionally, we personally consult with every single player to understand their unique goals and aspirations.

Because at EBP Basketball - Every Athlete Matters!

Ball Handling
Players with good ball handling skills are able to drive around tough defenders and create scoring opportunities for themselves and teammates. Become a better ball handler and have more confidence attacking and scoring.


Players learn to master footwork and the use of both hands to control and apply counters and release options for a high-quality finish. Build a strong foundation to utilize multiple finishes and know "when", "how" and "why" to use a certain finish.

Players learn the proper fundamentals of shooting, balance, shot preparation, follow through and control & arc. Becoming a good shooter will always keep you on the floor. "Every coach needs one."

Condition & Mobility 
The foundation to a long playing career starts with learning the body and maintaining it correctly. Building core strength to improve mobility, stamina and athleticism. Instantly, you will become more confident with your performance and ability to perform at a peak level consistently.

Basketball IQ 
Mini scrimmages are part of training, to place players in game-like settings, designed to stretch their offensive and defensive decision making abilities. Coaches will evaluate players, and provide in-game corrections  to help with live play for club or school teams. 


Join any of our training sessions to develop your skillset in a professional, fun and positive environment, and start playing today.

Browse our site or contact us to find out more about EBP Basketball.


Elementary School
1st-5th Grade

 Middle School

 6th-8th Grade


  High School 
 9th-12th Grade


Menlo College 

1000 El Camino Real Atherton, CA 94027

La Entrada Middle School 

2200 Sharon Rd,  Menlo Park , CA 94025

Oak Knoll Elementary School 

1895 Oak Knoll Ln, Menlo Park, CA 94025

EBP Basketball Training in Menlo Park
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